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So I’ve built a website for our wedding. That sounds a bit grand – it’s a WordPress website that I installed a theme on and mucked about with the coding a little bit.

I’ve toyed with the idea of having a wedding website for a while. I love playing about with WordPress sites so the idea of building one was really fun, but at the same time a website for our wedding seemed excessive. And there probably wouldn’t be a good domain available. But when my mum started asking about hotels for family members, and I thought about all the other important information that I’d need to pass on, it started to seem like a good idea. When I found out that christopherandgemma.com was available as a domain – well that sealed the deal.

Reasons for having a wedding website

I can’t lie. If you visit our website you will see I’ve got a little carried away. I read somewhere that wedding websites with stories about how you met, or that have 600 pictures of you both are extreme and totally unhelpful, but that’s exactly what I’ve done. There is the story of how we met (from both perspectives) and the story of how Chris proposed. And while there’s not quite 600 photos of us, there still is a good few. But that’s not why I made it. There are actually a couple of benefits to having a website for your wedding.

1. Help guests find accommodation

Chances are, you’re probably going to have a few guests coming who don’t live in the same area as you. The majority of my family live in England, and have been asking for hotel recommendations. Our website has a list of some of our favourite hotels in Glasgow, with links, so guests can check them out and book if they like the look of the hotel. It also saves us, and my mum, repeating ourselves when we’re asked the same question a few times!

2. Give directions to your venue(s)

Again, this will save you repeating yourself or, if you’re anything like me, getting totally confused while trying to explain where your venue is (I am terrible at giving directions!). We’ve got some detailed directions on the site that will hopefully help should Sat Navs or iPhones fail.

3. Tell your guest about your venue(s)

We’re getting married in House For An Art Lover, which has a bit of history attached to it that I wanted to share with interested guests before our big day. Although your guests will be able to see how gorgeous your venue is, there won’t really be time to explain why you chose it for your big day. Especially if you have picked an unusual or special location for your wedding.

4. Your family can get to know your partner

This is one of the reasons I chose to include the ‘how we met’ and proposal stories on our website. Chris and I have actually only been a couple for two years, and some of my extended family haven’t met him. While a little story about us meeting at a Halloween party seven years ago isn’t the same as meeting him, it does give them a little insight into his personality that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Plus, my mum thought it was cute.

5. Your guests can meet the bridal party

I added a page with our bridal party to our website, with pictures and the part each person will be playing in the wedding. Again, this gives your guests a little insight into the people playing a part in your big day and it will also make your bridal party feel more involved in the wedding, if you’ve been kind and not given them too many duties already! 😉

6. Point guests towards your wedding registry

We’re not registering for gifts, but a wedding website is an excellent place to put a link to your register. You can easily share this page with your guests on Facebook etc, which makes it very handy.

7. Give your guests info on your hen and stag parties

Having a hen or stag party? Keep all the info in one place on your website. If your party is a surprise ask your maid of honour or best man to update the page – if you can stand not to look at it! I’m also planning to put up any (decent) photos of our hen and stag party, so family members who aren’t coming to the parties can see (most) of what we got up to!

8. Update guests on any last minute changes

Although we’re praying that nothing goes wrong on our wedding, a website is a good place to direct guests to if there are any last minute changes, such as a change of venue or ‘in case of rain’ information that they might need. I’m hoping I won’t need to create that page though!

Having a wedding website can be a very practical thing that you don’t need to go overboard with (unless you want to, in which case I say go for it!!). It’s very easy to do yourself, there are templates and free websites available everywhere now. I’m quite chuffed with what I’ve done, even if I did go a little crazy. Luckily I have a very understanding fiancé who thinks it’s awesome!

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