Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Review

Last weekend I was on the hunt for a new mascara that wasn’t going to cost me an absolute fortune (my most recent mascaras have included Soap and Glory, Chanel and Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’, none of which are worth the price tag) and spied Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless, in Extra Black. I’ve actually used this formula before without finding it particularly noteworthy but, and maybe it was the Extra Black packaging that persuaded me, I decided to buy it again. And, turns out, my opinion on it has completely changed! So here is my Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless review!


I choose length over volume when looking for a new mascara (ideally I’d have both, but I’ve tried a lot of mascaras and know that’s not always going to happen in the drug store!) and was pleasantly surprised to find this mascara does exactly what it says on the tin – so to speak! The description claims that the mascara has micro fibres that lengthen up to 99%. I’m not sure I’ve reached the 99% mark, but man, my lashes do look a lot longer.

I didn’t actually realise until after the first couple of uses that this formula has micro fibres in it. If they’re there (and I assume they are!), they are extremely tiny. So much so that I’ve not been able to detect them. They clearly do the job though as this mascara makes my lashes lovely and long when I’ve been using it!

I’m also pleased with how quickly I can achieve results with this mascara. The ‘accelerator’ part of the name suggests that it should be quick, but we all know products don’t always live up to their names! Thankfully this one does and with only one coat I’ve noticed a big difference.

Plastic Bristles

I’m a big fan of a plastic bristle mascara wand. I just find it so much easier to use. The wand on the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara is quite thin too, which I like. Usually, with larger wands, I end up smudging my mascara all over my lid and making an absolute pig’s ear of my make up. This wand minimises this, which is always helpful!

It also separates and defines my lashes really nicely. I don’t like the clumpy mascara look (I’m always lusting after gorgeous, fluttery, wispy lashes – thank God for falsies!) and this mascara avoids that completely. It’s not a great mascara for adding volume though, so if you’re looking for volume and length you might want to look elsewhere.


I’ve been using this mascara all week and haven’t noticed the length drop at the end of the day. It holds up nicely. I’m a bit lazy about curling my eyelashes so can’t comment on how well it holds a curl, but the length stays put.

I always get a little smudging under my eyes from mascara, but this is definitely one of the better mascaras I’ve used. Nothing too noticeable!


This mascara isn’t the hardest product to remove, but it will take a little more than a once over with a make up wipe! Although once you’ve used Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ anything seems like a breeze!!


At £7.99 this is a fairly affordable mascara option. It’s always easy to buy Rimmel products too because they are in so many supermarkets. So big thumbs up for that Rimmel!

Overall I’m pretty impressed with my recent purchase, and not really sure why I was so dismissive before. Maybe it’s because I’ve started blogging again and paying more attention to how products work, I’m not sure!

Have you tried Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless mascara? What did you think?

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