Redecorating: Living Room Inspiration

Chris and I were very lucky to receive money from kind friends and family as part of our wedding gifts. We’re planning to save this and spend it on redecorating our flat, which is looking a little bit tired and could definitely do with a lick of paint and some new furniture!

I thought it might be fun to record the process on my blog, when it eventually happens, however in the meantime I thought I would share some inspirational furniture pieces with you from a mix of high end and budget stores.

One of the first rooms we are looking to attack is our living room. It’s currently a mishmash of items and colours that don’t necessarily go, most of which have been there from when I first moved in nearly ten years ago (I can’t believe I have been in Glasgow that long!). I’m looking to invest in some pieces that could potentially travel with us should we (hopefully) move into a house, but I do want to get value for money.

For the living room I’m thinking greys, glass and copper accents. Here are a few pieces I’ve been eyeing up recently…


Coffee/Side Tables



I really hope we can get started on the living room soon and incorporate a few of these pieces (or similar) into the room. I apologise for the repetition of shops, I’m just currently obsessed with these brands! Oliver Bonas has such fun, eclectic items across their whole furniture range (I have been eyeing up a drinks trolley from their range too… Don’t judge me! 😉 ). Made makes excellent designer pieces that little bit more affordable and Ikea – well Ikea is just everyone’s first stop for inexpensive furniture isn’t it? Another store that has recently come to my attention is BoConcept. A brand that focuses on minimalist, investment pieces they only have one store in Scotland (on Sauchiehall Street) and their sofas have really caught my eye!

I hope this has been an enjoyable post to read! If you enjoyed it I would love to hear from you and I’ll happily continue posting more interior inspiration posts. If not, similarly, let me know (and I’ll stop 😉 ). You can also check out my Pinterest board here.

I hope you are having a great day!

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