Poorly Dog and a Treat from the Petshop.co.uk

My oldest dog Ollie hasn’t been very well lately. He jumped off my bed (despite the helpful stool there to stop him from jumping!) and has ruptured one of the ligaments in his knee. He’s been told he needs strict rest, which isn’t easy for him! He’s also had an infected tooth removed and is on soft food at the moment. Poor pup – he’s not having a good time of it! Luckily we have a fantastic vet in Dennistoun (AlbaVet) and they’ve all been lovely and helpful.

We were also very lucky to be sent a parcel from the Petshop.co.uk, filled with lovely treats for the boys. We received a great bag of grain-free dry dog food, some Dentastix (their favourite!) and pouches of James Wellbeloved dog food – which has been an absolute lifesaver while he can’t eat dry food!

I was really excited to discover the Petshop.co.uk. We’ve always gone to Pets At Home, just because we weren’t really sure what else was out there and it seemed easier to go with a name we knew. But I’ve not heard great things about Pets At Home recently, and I’ve wanted to move away from there while still being able to buy quality brands.

Ollie and Buddy are both on James Wellbeloved dry dog food. Ollie has had a funny stomach since he was a puppy, and it took a while to settle on a food that he was happy with. The Petshop.co.uk stock James Wellbeloved, as well as a huge range of great brands. And what I’m very impressed with is their ‘Bottomless Bowl’ service, which I discovered when I was having a browse on the site. Bottomless Bowl is a subscription service for pet food, that you can set up to have your furry friend’s food delivered as frequently as you need it. I love this idea – it would definitely take the pain out of going to the shops!

As well as food and treats you can get a whole range of pet supplies from the Petshop.co.uk. Think I might have to place an order for a couple of new toys soon – Ollie definitely deserve a treat! And a new toy might keep his pesky little brother out of his hair until he’s feeling better!

Thank you so much to the Petshop.co.uk for the lovely box of treats! It was very gratefully received!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

The items mentioned in this post where kindly sent to me for the purpose of review by the Petshop.co.uk however all recommendations and opinions are my own.

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