Planning Our Honeymoon

Chris and I have finally booked our honeymoon! It probably doesn’t sound like much, but if you knew the time we’ve spent discussing, researching and almost putting deposits down on holidays, you’d be breathing as big a sigh of relief as we are.

A Generous Gift

When we first started planning our wedding a honeymoon was a million miles from our mind. Weddings alone cost a fortune, never mind adding a two week package holiday on top of that. But Chris’s parents very kindly said they would pay for a honeymoon as a wedding present. So, armed with a budget and the internet we were… totally lost.

As you will know, there are loads of package holidays available out there, but none of them really thrilled us. I didn’t particularly want to go long haul (a stunning beach on Mexico might be the perfect honeymoon for some, but the thought of travelling that far after the wedding filled me with dread) and we didn’t want to be stuck in a complex for the entire trip.

At first we considered (and nearly booked!) Cyrus. We’ve never been, it looks lovely, and we found some hotels with great reviews. Unfortunately, and this probably sounds bizarre, we weren’t really getting excited about it. I’m not exactly known for making safe choices, but I was suddenly wracked with thoughts of ‘what if we get there and we don’t like it?’ and ‘what if we ruin the most important holiday ever?’ Fairly over-dramatic really, but after being given such a generous gift I felt compelled to make a good decision.


Then, fueled by a couple of glasses of wine, I said to Chris that it would be great if we could just visit all of our favourite places on holiday. A bit of a stretch considering one of our favourite places is New York, but I wasn’t being too serious. After another glass of wine however, I priced going on two city breaks (New York not included) and then spending a week by the beach and it wasn’t out of our budget. Amazing!

Even in the sober light of day it still seemed like a great idea, and we were actually getting excited about it. And so, I can finally say after months and months of deliberating – we have booked our honeymoon!

Our Honeymoon

We will be setting off on the Monday after our wedding (we’re getting married on a Saturday) for Amsterdam, the first place we ever went on holiday (you can see my Amsterdam Inspiration post here) and we’re staying in the same hotel. This is for a couple of reasons, not just because we think it will be kind of sweet to recreate our first trip. The hotel is very central, nice and is definitely within our budget!

We’re staying in Amsterdam for three nights, and then jetting off again for Rome. I’ve been to Rome and few times, and it is incredible. I love it so much. Chris has never been but he’s been desperate to go for years, so it seemed like an appropriate choice (since New York wasn’t in the budget!). We will be staying there for four nights, in a guest house that doesn’t have many reviews (but the ones it does have are five star!) so expect a review on here when I return.

The last stop on our honeymoon is Spain. We do love beach holidays, so we’re ending the trip with a week in Tenerife. Again, a favourite holiday destination and we’ve booked a lovely hotel so it should provide some relaxation after walking around Amsterdam and Rome.

The great thing about our honeymoon is that, although it’s certainly not a cheap holiday, the overall cost is less than two weeks in a four star hotel in Cyprus. And that includes good hotels and baggage allowance. So it was worth pricing something a little different to get the plans we want.

I know our honeymoon plans may not be for everyone, but we are so looking forward to it. And we are exceptionally grateful to Chris’s parents for making it happen! Expect loads more details and photos on our return. Just over seven months to go!

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