Our Honeymoon

You may remember Chris and I planning our honeymoon. It took an outrageously long time and we kept changing our minds before deciding to go to three of our favourite places, Amsterdam, Rome and Tenerife, over a two week period.

As you can imagine it was amazing! I thought I’d share a few details and a LOT of photos from our trip (which was nearly eight months ago… Apologies!).


We stayed: WestCord City Centre (see a review here)
We visited: The Van Gogh Museum, a canal tour and a lot of restaurants!


We stayed: Via del Corso Home
We visited: The Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, Gianicolo Hill, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican Museums, Piazza Navona, a ghost tour and anywhere that sold ice cream!


We stayed: H10 Big Sur
We visited: Not much. I can’t lie, we definitely chilled out in this part of the honeymoon!

Thank you so much for checking out my honeymoon photos!

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