My Hen Weekend

Last Friday (the 22nd of May) me and five of my bravest (!) friends hopped on a train to Edinburgh for my hen weekend. And it was absolutely fantastic! I went with my friends Cheryl (who has been mentioned on this blog before), Lynsey (who you may know from Allsorts and Anecdotes), Anna, Samantha and my lovely sister Hayley.


As I mentioned, we set off on the Friday from Queens Street Station, where Hayley handed us all incredible personalised goody bags, which included a pink sash emblazoned with the words ‘Gemma’s Hen Weekend’, a mini bottle of champagne, lip products, a Paul Smith gloss spray, a cupcake, a box of chocolates and a sachet of hot chocolate. My goody bag also contained boppers with a veil attached (which is all I’ve ever asked for from my hen ha ha!).

Our Accommodation

We were very lucky to get an amazing apartment in the centre of Edinburgh. It was absolutely enormous (photos from the weekend are at the bottom of this post), with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge living room and kitchen and a very big entrance hallway.

We made ourselves at home quite quickly as you can see!

The only downside to the apartment was that it was up four flights of stairs, which was a bit difficult when carrying suitcases and walking up and down in heels but it was totally worth the climb!

Pizza Making Class

Our first activity of the evening was a pizza making class at Pizza Express, (anyone who knows me will know how incredibly appropriate this is!!) where we had exclusive use of the mezzanine level of the restaurant. I did not realise how much I would enjoy this class. We arrived and were given a glass of prosecco and nibbles, which was then followed by a starter of the Pizza Express dough balls. It was explained that would be competing against each other for certificates for the whole class. We were then given the opportunity to ‘play’ with the dough (not the dough we were making our pizzas from, luckily, as there was an incident involving the floor!). When it came to making our pizzas we had a huge selection of toppings to choose from (I put SO MUCH cheese on my pizza!) After making (and naming!) our pizzas, we were split into teams and had to follow step-by-step instructions on making a calzone. My team lost, sadly, but the calzone was still pretty delicious!

Yes, I made this and yes, that is a lot of cheese!


After the pizza making class we headed to cocktail bar Tonic for more prosecco and copious amounts of cocktails, surprisingly enough! The bar was amazing and the staff treated us really well.


Fueled by several cocktails our next stop was Electric Circus for some karaoke! This was absolutely amazing, even if we stopped using the microphone after a while and just started screaming at the screen…! My throat was so sore the next morning! The staff were brilliant in there too, and sorted out a billing mix up very quickly and efficiently.


I’m not going to lie, on Saturday I woke up feeling quite delicate! But, after a Wetherspoons breakfast to set us up for the day, we headed off for part two of the hen weekend!

Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

Our first activity of the day was a very stressful, strenuous trip to the spa. Not. It was an incredibly relaxing and amazing trip to Chamomile Sanctuary. In fact I’m finding it hard to describe just how brilliant this experience was! If you have the opportunity I can’t recommend this spa enough.

We had two treatments each (we got to choose from a list that was sent to us several months earlier) and I had a back, neck and shoulder massage and a Shellac file and polish. I worried that I was a tiny bit hungover for a massage, but the second I lay on the heated (yes, heated!) massage table I knew it was exactly what I needed! It was so relaxing. Then I had a gorgeous Shellac polish applied, which is still going strong today!

A few of us got to relax in a downstairs waiting room while we waited on the others to finish their treatments. It was so relaxing, sitting on beds and listening to extremely chilled music. I think Lynsey managed to sneak a little snooze!

After our treatments we got exclusive use of the reception room to enjoy delicious dessert canapés and more prosecco (did someone say there was a shortage?!).


Surprisingly, after all those canapés, we still had room for dinner and went to firm favourite La Tasca for tapas!

Cocktail Masterclass

Sadly, this wasn’t the best part of the weekend. The masterclass took place in a club we’d never heard of (turns out there was a reason for that!) and the class didn’t seem to be particularly well organised. Unlike other masterclasses I’ve been to where everyone gets to make a cocktail (or two) we were split into teams to make a cocktail. Luckily the company was good 😉 and there were enough shots and pitchers of cocktails to make up for the bad organisation!


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