My Favourite Lipstick

I love buying lipsticks. It’s my favourite beauty product to buy. I’ve bought quite a range, from high end to drug store, but my favourite lipstick has stayed consistent for the last few years. And it’s only £3.95.

Elf Studio Matte Lipstick in Natural

Elf’s Studio Matte Lipstick in Natural has been my favourite lipstick for the last three or four years. I’ve got several favourite lipstick brands (I love Chanel, MAC and Topshop) but I keep coming back to this lipstick no matter what. It’s got to the point that I’ve started buying backups – and that doesn’t exactly break the bank.


As the name suggests, this is a matte lipstick, which can be a little drying. On first application, when you open this lipstick for the first time, it can go on a little dry. However on second and third application the consistency changes slightly, and it has more of a creamy texture when applying. It doesn’t feel moisturising exactly, it’s still a matte after all, but it does become a lot easier to apply.

What is really nice about this lipstick is it doesn’t emphasise chapped or cracked lips. The skin on my lips can get a bit dry, but it’s never obvious when I’m wearing this lipstick.


I have a few shades of this lipstick, but my favourite is definitely Natural. I may do a swatch blog post on the different shades I have soon, but I thought I would focus this post on my all time favourite!

Natural is slightly lighter than my natural lip colour, and is the absolute perfect ‘my lips but better’ nude shade for me. It’s almost slightly vintagey. I think it looks quite chic when worn alone, and when I want it to look glossier, or slightly more nude, I layer Boot’s 17 Beehive over the top. Beehive is a great dupe (and in my opinion is miles better!) for MAC’s Hue and creates a lovely nude sheen over lipsticks.

Elf Studio Matte Top Left, Beehive Bottom Right


The length of this lipstick could make it a little awkward, but so far it’s managed to slot in my smallest clutch bags, as a result of it being so thin. The lipstick itself is quite thin, but there is a fair bit of lipstick in the tube – 1.8g to be exact. Slightly less than a MAC lipstick, which has 3g, but when you compare the price the slight difference doesn’t really matter so much!

The shape of the lipstick also makes it really easy to get an accurate application.

Why I’m so obsessed

I love how easy this lipstick is to wear. It’s simple to apply, suits a range of skin colours, it’s cheap, it’s matte (my favourite) and can be worn for day or night. 9/10 I will be wearing this lipstick on a night out.

It also last pretty well. Not as long as a MAC matte lipstick, granted, but I generally only need to top it up two or three times on a night out where I have been eating or drinking. If I’m not doing either, I don’t need to top it up at all.

It also tastes amazing. But it’s kind of weird to eat your lipstick isn’t it…?

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