My 40 Day Healthy Living Challenge UPDATE

Bad blogger alert! It has been OVER FOUR WEEKS since I started my 40 Day Healthy Living Challenge and I haven’t posted one update on the blog despite promising to. I have posted a selection of recipes, which you can view by clicking the ‘Lifestyle’ category in the main menu (if I post a few more and continue to do so after the challenge is up I might make a permanent recipe category, which is not something I thought I would ever do!) but no updates, unless you count sporadic Twitter moans!

So how is it going?

Good! It’s actually going really well. I must confess I’ve cheated a couple of times. We visited Chris’s parents at the weekend and ordered an Indian takeaway, and there have been a couple of incidents involving mini eggs… but aside from the odd slip up it is going really well. The Indian takeaway at the weekend was my first takeaway in almost four weeks and, I’ve got to say, I didn’t actually feel great afterwards. Bloated and like I had eaten way too much even though I had a much smaller portion than I’d normally go for.

I’ve also not touched ready meals. This has actually made a big difference, not just to my body, but to the way I feel about myself. The first meal I made on this challenge was my Easy Tuna Burgers and despite the fact I’ve cooked a lot before, somehow cooking from scratch for a weekday dinner and not a special occasion made me panic. I’m not sure what for, I think maybe I lacked confidence in the kitchen, and I definitely lack confidence in myself!

But the recipes have been great! Pinterest is my new best friend and I’m pinning recipes left right and centre (although I have to admit that I do adapt most of them to suit our tastes) and trying dishes I’ve never liked as ready meals (because they’d be flavourless or I’d get rubbish cuts of meat and be put off). The meals I’ve cooked so far on this challenge have been easy, full of flavour and I get to inspect every single ingredient that goes into them.

Those of you who know me will know that I often suffer with stomach pains and problems, especially after eating certain foods. Since giving up ready meals and takeaways I’ve not had one single complaint, which really shows I should have been treating my body better. I also feel less bloated, which has always been a huge complaint of mine!

Weight Loss

I have lost weight. Healthy eating and regular exercise really does work, which is annoying and good to know at the same time. I’ve been exercising 5-6 times a week but I don’t beat myself up if I have a day off because I know I’m eating well. I’m no stranger to working out, but when you’re not eating well you don’t really notice any benefits, something I’m kicking myself for.

Keeping It Up

I’ve got just over a week left of the challenge, but I think it’s encouraged me to make some big changes to my diet. Yes, I will probably have a takeaway and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine again, but I’ve completely gone off ready meals. Surprisingly I’ve missed coffee on this challenge, which I wasn’t expecting (I hardly ever drink it) but I think that’s a result of wanting what you can’t have (or lack of sleep…!). With the wedding getting closer and closer I’m definitely keen to keep losing weight (without going overboard), but even without a wedding on the horizon I think these are sensible changes I should be making to my diet and lifestyle. And I’m actually enjoying them!

I will post another update next week when the challenge is finished, maybe with stats if I’m feeling brave!

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