Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

I am an absolute sucker for eyeshadow palettes. I love them. I love swatching them when I first get them, I love experimenting with different eye looks (sometimes unsuccessfully!) and I love the idea that maybe, just maybe, I will find that perfect palette to travel with (until then I’ll still take at least four… don’t judge me!).

So when the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette launched, I have to say my head was turned. Despite being subscribed to Jaclyn on YouTube, I’d not really paid much attention to the build up to the launch, and initially I assumed it wouldn’t be something I would be interested in. People tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Morphe palettes, due to issues with formulas, and I hadn’t felt like buying one until now. However this palette, on first glance, seemed like the answer to my prayers. How could I possibly need another palette to travel with if I had this (yes ok, it’s massive. No it’s not travel friendly… Again don’t judge me!).

Now, I believe this palette was supposed to include brand new eyeshadow formulas, and instead the company have actually just pressed the eyeshadows differently. As I have never tried a Morphe palette before, I have nothing to compare it to, so I will just be giving my opinion on this palette alone.

First Impressions

When I received this palette and opened it up, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The colours are very, very similar, and I feel like some could even be dupes for each other – especially on the top row. I’m also disappointed there are two light shimmery colours, but not a light matte. I feel the palette could have definitely benefited from this.

I was more impressed when I began swatching the eyeshadows in the palette however. These shadows are super creamy, and feel lovely to the touch. Some of the mattes were slightly patchy in swatches, but I have had no issues with blending at all. Which brings me rather nicely into…

Using the Palette

These shadows blend beautifully, especially the mattes. With the more shimmery/foiled colours I would recommend using your finger instead of a brush to get the most colour pay off, however I tend to do this with all of my shimmer eyeshadows, regardless of the brand.

There is also little to no fall out when using these shadows, which is ideal, although I have not used many of the really dark colours at the bottom right of the palette.


I’ve swatched the colours in the palette row by row.

Overall Thoughts

I do really like the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. The colours are nice, the quality of the eyeshadows is great, and you can certainly get a range of looks out of this palette. However there are a few things that stop it being a brilliant palette.

Firstly, the similarities between a lot of the colours. The majority of these colours are extremely wearable, but many are so similar in colour and tone that you really have to look closely to see the difference. This might be great for makeup artists, or those who are very particular about their eyeshadow colours, but for most consumers (I assume) we don’t need two light shimmery colours, two almost identical warm, light browns etc. In Jaclyn Hill’s video she said she had hundreds of colours picked out originally, and had to reduce them. I feel maybe some other shadows should have made the cut.

Secondly, and I’m sorry to say, I really hate the packaging. I’m not against cardboard packaging at all, but I think it should be well done. I had covered the white packaging of the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette within seconds of using it. Maybe I’m just messy, but it’s not great to see your brand new palette covered in eyeshadow finger prints.

Thirdly, influencers who received this palette to try and review seem to have had the eyeshadow names included in their packaging. I’m fairly certain it’s not just me who has received a list of the names. Not a big deal really, but I feel if you are sending the people promoting your product one thing, and then missing it out for regular consumers you’re not setting a very good standard.

Fourthly (I feel like that’s not even a word right now), Jaclyn stated that this would be a palette for everyone, but if you don’t like warm tones then this is not the palette for you. To be fair, this is not a negative for me as I love warm shades, but I thought I’d point it out.

Those negatives aside, I am really enjoying using this palette, although it might not make the cut for my next trip (it really is a little big for travel… sigh).

Have you tried the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette? What did you think?

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