Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner Review

I’ve recently rediscovered these bad boys and as a result I thought it was only fitting that I write a Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner review on the blog! I received the first of these liners as a gift from a friend a while ago, but I’ve not really looked back since!

They Really Are Waterproof!

What I love about these liners, by South Korean brand The Face Shop, is that they do exactly what they say on the tin, so to speak. As someone who struggles with oily eyelids, I don’t even need to use a primer when wearing these and they last all day. However they’re not difficult to remove – my regular makeup remover gets them off really easily. There’s nothing worse than a waterproof product that you have to scrub the bejesus out of just to get it off (I’m look at you Benefit They’re Real mascara!).

Unfortunately they aren’t great for the waterline because of the amount of glitter/shimmer in them.

Smooth, creamy and easy to blend

Another bonus of these liners is that they have a really creamy, smooth texture. They also come with a little smudger sponge on one end of the pencil, which comes in extremely handy. What I like to do is roughly apply the liner close to my lashline, and then smooth it out with the smudger to create a nice line. It also works well if you are trying to neaten up an eyeliner flick and, of course, is perfect for smudging into eyeshadow for a smokey look.


Sadly, one thing that does let these liners down is the colour range. There are only shimmery or glittery liners available and the colour selection isn’t huge. I’ve got 01 – Black Cat, 02 – Choco Latte, 04 – Disco Purple and 06 – Celebrity.

L-R: 02 Choco Latte, 04 Disco Purple, 06 Celebrity, 01 Black Cat.

I would love these liners even more if they had a couple of matte shades available. Luckily the glitter in the Black Cat liner isn’t too noticeable and it’s very easy to wear as a black liner.

REALLY hard to sharpen

BIG negative. These should be twist up liners, not pencils that need sharpened. The plastic pencil is incredibly difficult to sharpen and because the liners are so creamy they crumble almost instantly making it extremely hard to get any kind of point to the pencil. It doesn’t bother me too much, as I have the smudger to smooth out the liner but if they didn’t come with the little sponge they would be almost impossible to use. Luckily the long wearing formula and ease of use means I generally overlook the sharpening nightmare I come across when they go blunt. It also helps that they’re so pretty.

Have you ever used these liners? What were your thoughts? Let me know!

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