Inglot Eyeshadow Review

I knew as soon as I started this blog I was going to have to do an Inglot eyeshadow review, because I have been raving about Inglot eyeshadows since I first swatched them in the Inglot store in Stirling (now shut down I believe…). A friend of mine, Amy, reviewed them when we were both writing for a blog called Facekitt and after reading her blog post I knew I had to try them. And I have. I’ve tried quite a few now…!

Inglot Eyeshadows – What I Love

Inglot has, what they call, their Freedom System, where you can buy empty palettes and fill them with eyeshadows/lipsticks/blushes etc (these are all available in refill pan form and you are able to have a palette with both eyes and lips, or blushes and powders – you really do have freedom!). When I bought my palette I decided to focus on eyeshadows because I’m an eyeshadow junkie and I absolutely love eyeshadow palettes. I got the 10 eyeshadow palette which cost £10.

Each of the palette refills cost £4.50, which I think is incredible considering MAC refills cost £10 (each). This price is especially amazing when you consider the quality of Inglot shadows. They are definitely comparable to high end shadows. They are buttery, easy to apply and blend, long lasting and very, very pigmented. I was in heaven when I first swatched these shadows!

Inglot also offer a wide range of shades. Not quite as many as MAC, but still a lot considering the price of their products. The shades I have are:

Top Row, L-R: 352, 341, 390, 31, 402 Bottom Row, L-R: 452, 444, 419, 378, 63

L-R: 352, 341, 390, 31, 402

L-R: 452, 444, 419, 378, 63

As you can see from the photos, these shadows have great pigmentation. And 402 is a brilliant dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe!

Inglot Eyeshadows – What I Wasn’t So Thrilled About

The only negatives I have are regarding my shopping experience, rather than the quality of the eyeshadows (which I could bore you to tears raving about! :P). After I bought my first two or three Inglot eyeshadows (and became hooked), the store I was buying them from in Stirling suddenly ran out of stock. I felt really bad for the assistants in the store – week after week seemed to go by and they were continuously promised deliveries that never arrived. It must have been really difficult explaining that to customers, although they were very apologetic.

After a couple of months I got a bit impatient waiting on their delivery to arrive, so I decided to order online. This turned out to be a complete disaster. I had my eye on a couple of shadows that I had swatched in store, so I ordered them online. Despite the rather pricey (in my opinion anyway) £5 shipping, everything seemed to be fine. Until I got a phone call and an email telling me two of the eyeshadows I had ordered weren’t in stock and I would have to choose a replacement (no refund was ever offered to me).

This annoyed me a bit. I feel, if I’m shopping online, items that are out of stock should say that they are unavailable. It also annoyed me that every shadow I chose as a replacement also seemed to be out of stock. After several emails and phone calls back and forth to Inglot I eventually did get replacement eyeshadows, but it wasn’t exactly the easy shopping experience I was after!

That being said, I really can’t fault the eyeshadows themselves. I should add that they are very, very difficult to get out of the palette once they’re in there, but for the price they are exceptional eyeshadows. Despite all the shopping problems I had (this might just be me – please let me know if you’ve had any difficulties!) I would thoroughly recommend trying out Inglot eyeshadows, or other products from the Inglot brand, if you have the opportunity. 🙂

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