Ibis Style Edinburgh Review

Chris and I had a meeting with our wedding videographer in Edinburgh at the weekend, and we decided to make a bit of a day/night of it by booking a hotel and staying overnight. We booked the Ibis Style hotel on St Andrews Square because it was the nicest hotel at the most reasonable price (we’d left it a bit last minute and all the prices were quite ridiculous!). I have to say though, I was really impressed.


The Ibis Style hotel is located just one street up from Princes Street, so very central and close to lots of shops, attractions, restaurants and bars! Very handy for us as it was just a ten minute walk to the videographer’s office, and a small stumble away from a Wetherspoons 😉

It’s also pretty much equally close to the train station and the bus station (we traveled by bus to save some cash!).


The staff we met were really lovely. We got a fantastic welcome at reception when we checked in, and everyone else we encountered was equally nice. It definitely enhances the atmosphere of a place if the staff smile and appear to be happy to help. No one wants to be near someone who clearly hates their job!

Our Room

The whole hotel had a kind of ‘modern Scottish’ theme going on, and our room had a bit of a modern take on tartan on the floor and on the walls. Throughout the hotel there were Scottish slang words printed, embossed or framed with their definitions. Luckily this was done quite tastefully, and is perfect for a hotel in Edinburgh that gets a lot of tourists.

The room was certainly big enough for the two of us, and had enough space in the wardrobe etc, although we didn’t really need to unpack too much considering we were only staying for the one night. The bed was comfortable and I managed to fall asleep in it twice (I desperately needed a nap after shopping…!).

The best bit about the whole hotel room for me though, was the shower. Anyone with long or thick hair (or both!) will know how frustrating it is to try and wash your hair in a really weak shower. It takes forever. This shower was incredible. I realise I sound a little sad raving about a shower, but it really is the little things that count! I need to find out how to install it in my flat…


This was the only part of the whole experience which disappointed me. The cost of the room includes a continental breakfast, which is pretty good value, but the selection of food was pretty poor. While I wasn’t expecting a huge amount for a continental breakfast, I really think there could have been more fresh fruit and slightly more choice of pastry/cake (if you didn’t like blueberry muffins or croissants, there wasn’t much left for you!). Just a little more choice would have been nice, I did feel quite restricted in what I could eat. I did become immediately addicted to the hot chocolate though, so there was a plus side to breakfast (still shaking from the sugar!).


The hotel isn’t the cheapest, but considering it’s in Edinburgh where the price of a hotel for a night can be extortionate, it really wasn’t the worst. Rooms start from £119 and include breakfast, which is pretty good value. You can also bring a pet along from only £10, so Ollie (my dog) may be getting a wee trip to Edinburgh in the not so distant future!

Overall, I really do recommend this hotel if you are planning a trip to Edinburgh. It’s stylish, central and fairly good value. We’re already keen to go back (maybe with the furball!), just need to justify the trip now! 🙂


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