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You may have read about my honeymoon plans already on the blog (if not you can see them here) and got a sense of how stressed I was organising it. Honestly, it should have been a great experience but our collective indecisiveness and attempts at budget planning made it extremely difficult.

In hindsight, it might have been good to get a little help. So I’ve decided to put together this little post to hopefully give you some honeymoon destination ideas (from my own personal travelling experience!), and to let you know that there is dedicated help out there if planning one of the best holidays of your life is turning into an absolute nightmare!

Honeymoon Inspiration – Destination Inspiration


You will already know, if you’ve read my previous honeymoon post, that we are planning to go to Rome for part of our honeymoon. It’s one of my favourite places in the whole world, but it might not be everyone’s first choice for a honeymoon destination due to it being such a bustling, busy city. However, I think it’s a huge mistake to dismiss Rome as a romantic honeymoon destination. The entire city is covered in beautiful architecture, historical ruins and art. Imagine walking hand in hand through the piazzas, having the Colosseum as a backdrop to one of your first photos as newly-weds, eating gelato at a table for two… You will be spoilt for choice when eating out too – Italian food is my absolute favourite and I will be dragging Chris to a little restaurant by the Trevi Fountain I found several years ago.

What You Need to Know

Best weather:
The weather is Rome is always fairly pleasant, but the nicest times to go are in May, June, September and October. I would avoid August as it get uncomfortably hot, and lots of businesses close so business owners can avoid the heat!
Best prices:
Late autumn and winter will have the best deals for Rome. I’ve actually been in November and it was brilliant – the weather was very similar to the weather we get in Scotland in the summer (the population of Rome was walking around wrapped up in their jackets and scarves and I was stripping off layers!). Definitely worth considering if you are on a budget.
What to do:
What not to do?! You’ll probably find it difficult to fit everything in on your trip! Visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Take a trip to the Vatican and see St Peter’s basilica. Get some gelato while wandering to the Pantheon. EAT!!


Another place we are visiting on our honeymoon! I feel like we’re visiting slightly unconventional honeymoon locations (when you think Tenerife you think 18-30 holidays, cheap shots and ‘Brits abroad’ culture) but Chris and I love Tenerife and have been several times. And while there are the noisy nightclubs and PR staff hounding you to come into their clubs, that is only one small, easy to avoid part of the island. Tenerife is actually a gorgeous holiday destination with incredible scenery.

There are also some fantastic, luxury hotels in Tenerife. You can opt to go All Inclusive and spend your time sipping cocktails by the pool and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, or you can go for a self-catering or bed and breakfast option, allowing you to sample some of the great Canarian cuisine available. Fish dishes are hugely popular in Tenerife (and always freshly caught!), and I can recommend the Canarian potatoes (small, salted baked potatoes served with a spicy Mojo sauce). The Safari Centre is a great place for restaurants and shopping and is filled with couples and families. Chris and I love Harry’s cocktail bar!

What You Need to Know

Best weather:
Tenerife benefits from year round sunshine, so there’s never a bad time to go! Great if you’re after a bit of winter sunshine!
Best prices:
If you’re looking to save a little bit of money, avoid school holidays. This is when the prices go up.
What to do:
If you are looking for stunning scenery and a little bit of romance, I would recommend going on a Teide private stargazing tour. Visit the National Park Las Cañadas by night and sip champagne under the stars!

New York

This would be Chris’s dream honeymoon destination if we had a bigger budget! I think it may actually be his favourite place in the whole world.

If you would prefer a honeymoon filled with activities, sights and diversity, then New York City is the perfect honeymoon destinations for you. With countless museums and attractions, restaurants and shops you will be spoilt for choice! I swear, you can lose an hour just staring at the lights in Times Square!

What You Need to Know

Best weather:
You will get the warmest weather in the summer, obviously, but I think there is something cosy and romantic about visiting New York in the winter, especially around Christmas time!
Best prices:
January and February are the best months to travel if you are looking for the best prices. Chris and I love booking trips in January – after the high (and stress!) of the festive period it’s nice to have something to look forward to!
What to do:
If you’re visiting in spring or summer I would recommend taking a picnic to Central Park and watching the world go by. There are loads of incredible, romantic restaurants in New York City, but make sure you get at least one 99 cent slice of pizza – they are unbelievable. When we go back to New York we’re planning to head back to the Museum of Natural History, as we didn’t have enough time to see everything the last time we visited and it was something else. If you’d like more tips on what to do and what to see, visit my New York Inspiration post here.

Honeymoon Inspiration – Finding a Honeymoon Specialist

If you’re looking for a little help with planning your honeymoon, I would recommend finding a honeymoon specialist. I didn’t even know they existed until recently, when I found PerfectHoneymoonsAbroad.co.uk. Perfect Honeymoons Abroad are a fantastic team of UK-based honeymoon experts, who offer a huge range of overseas honeymoon destinations and can offer great advice on choosing a honeymoon that suits you, and your budget.

Their website offers a lot of inspiration, whether you are looking for a city break, a wild adventure or a little bit of luxury. As silly as it probably sounds now, but I didn’t realise there were dedicated teams out there helping people pick and book honeymoons. I knew that travel agents offered honeymoon services, obviously, but there’s nothing like talking to an expert to help you realise your honeymoon dreams! If we’d spoken to a specialist we may not have taken so long to realise that what we really wanted was a ‘multimoon’ (who knew it even had a name?!) combining our love of city breaks and chilling out by the beach.

I hope that this post has been useful!

This post has been kindly sponsored by PerfectHoneymoonsAbroad.co.uk however all recommendations and opinions are my own.

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