High End Make Up Haul

What do you do when you’re feeling a bit low and you’re saving every penny you have for a wedding? You head to the nearest department store and blow a huge chunk of your wages on high end make up of course! Or is that just me? Either way it’s done now, and what better way to make myself feel even guiltier for spending money I don’t really have than by doing a high end make up haul for the blog!

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre – Loose Powder in 30 Naturel

This was the only thing I actually went to buy when I went shopping last week. I ran out of my Chanel loose powder several months ago and didn’t replace it because I had a couple of shades of their pressed powder. But the pressed powders are now finished and, in all honesty, I’ve fallen a little out of love with them. They’re beautiful when you first start using them, but by halfway through the pan they get a little gross and unworkable. Maybe that’s just the way I use them but, for me, the loose powder has always given a nicer finish and is so much lighter on the skin. It also lasts for much longer than the pressed powders. For only £3 more, you get 15g more product (the pressed powders have 15g of product and the loose powder has 30g).

Had a bit of a disappointing experience at the Chanel counter in House of Fraser I have to say though. The staff were all with customers doing makeovers and told me someone would be with me in a minute – which is fair enough. Ten minutes later I’m still standing there like a plonker, but they said they were short staffed and that’s fine (they already knew what I wanted). The annoying thing was ANOTHER customer came up to them and asked for a product and they served her before me. Not sure what I’d done to offend them, but I left and went to the counter in Debenhams, where I received the lovely service I’m used to getting at Chanel. She also gave me samples of the reformulated Rouge Coco lipsticks. So far I’m in love, and will have a blog post up in the near future!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15

I recently went to have my make up done by the lovely Claire at Eye Adore U in Glasgow and she used MAC Studio Fix Fluid as my base. So far I’m quite impressed, but today is the first day I’ve worn it for a full day so I’ll save judgement for 9pm at night when my make up is usually melting down my face.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

I really shouldn’t have bought this, I really, really don’t need it. But it’s so pretty and I’ve heard so many things about it over the years that I caved and decided I wanted a really pretty highlighter. Now I have one and I can glow to my heart’s content! Although, it is quite similar to a Body Shop one I own, so I might do a comparison review and see how much money I have actually wasted. I hope my fiancé doesn’t read this particular post…!

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