Forever 21 Haul

A random little post today to share what I bought on a recent trip to Forever 21. I’ve been trying to be good with my spending lately, but when I’m surrounded by things that seem such a reasonable price I’m likely to buy more than I should. I cannot resist a bargain!

£7 Jeans

I actually ended up in Forever 21 because I was looking for black jeans. I haven’t had a pair of black jeans since I was 18, but decided to buy a pair for a meeting last week. I headed off to Topshop, where I bought my last pair (they’re long gone now!) but I was really disappointed with their range of jeans. I was always a huge fan of their jeans selection but they seem to have changed them recently and my favourites (the Baxter skinny jeans) had been changed and worse, weren’t in stock in my size.

I had to walk past Forever 21 on my way home and saw a giant advert for their £7 jeans. My initial reaction was ‘no way will these be good’ but, ever the bargain hunter I went in anyway and I am so pleased I did!

The jeans are actually a really nice quality. They’re not very thick, but they still have a great ‘denim’ look and feel. It did take me a little while to find my size in their hectic shelving system (there was no order to it!) and then once I’d found my size I realised they were far too big. If you are interested in buying a pair I would strongly recommend trying a pair on. I’m usually a 30 inch waist (12 in Topshop) and went home with a 28 inch waist. But this sizing only appeared to be in the £7 range, not the others (sadly!).

Statement Necklaces

I also bought a couple of statement necklaces while I was in there. I love the Forever 21 jewellery range – it’s really affordable. I’m a bit late to the statement necklace party but I’m absolutely hooked now. The orange/coral necklace was £6.65 and I believe (although I can’t quite remember now!) the turquoise necklace was a pound more expensive at £7.65.

Simple Tops

I grabbed a couple of basic tops too. One is a simple, comfortable grey top and the other is a cream coloured tshirt with lace capped sleeves. A cute twist on a plain cream tshirt, and very easy to wear!

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