CAU Glasgow Steak and Wine Masterclass

Last Thursday (the 25th February) Chris and I were lucky enough to be invited by CAU Restaurants and Me:Mo Interactive to a steak and wine masterclass. As massive steak lovers we said yes immediately and headed along to CAU Glasgow to enjoy a fantastic evening.

CAU Glasgow

CAU is an Argentinian restaurant that embraces Buenos Aires cuisine. Argentinians have been breeding Aberdeen Angus for almost 200 years, allowing them to roam freely while they graze on around 17 varieties of grass. As a result, Argentinian steaks are some of the most tender and succulent in the world.

We arrived at CAU on Queen Street and were greeted with a delicious palate cleansing cocktail and settled down to learn about, and taste, three cuts of Argentinian steak (Rump, Ribeye and Sirloin) along with some incredible Malbec wines (that can sadly only be bought in CAU restaurants!). We learned what part of the cow each cut comes from (with a little demonstration from a willing helper – not harmed, obviously 😉 ) and told the best way to cook each cut.

My lovely husband even got up to attempt to cut the meat, which is the closest he’s ever got to cooking a meal…!

After the demonstration we were allowed to try samples of each of the cuts, cooked to perfection and with an accompanying wine. CAU really do put a lot of thought into which wine will go best with each steak. It’s never something I’ve really considered before, but after the masterclass I think I’ll be putting a little more thought into it! I was properly smelling the aromas and thinking about the taste and textures… I felt a lot more educated on wine and meat than I was prior to the masterclass!

After trying the meat and wines we we attempted to make our own Empanadas (a stuffed pastry). This was not my forte. I don’t think my pastry skills are going to win me any prizes any time soon! Please note, Empanadas do not typically look like the image (my attempt) below…!

It was an absolutely fantastic event and I’m so glad to have been included. Chris and I will definitely be popping back for some more delicious steaks and Malbec and I can thoroughly recommend this restaurant to all meat lovers!

Have you visited CAU Glasgow? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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